ECHA Accounts - new features

Date: 7 January 2019

ECHA has launched new services for users of ECHA accounts.
When you log into your ECHA account, you now have the possibility to link the substances that are important for you and your company directly to your ECHA account by selecting them from the "Search for chemicals" section.


Once you have added the substances to your "My Substances" list, you will receive a weekly notification as soon as one of your substances is included or updated in one or more of the following five regulatory procedures (multiple choice is possible):

  • Registration dossier update alert
  • Substance Evaluation update alert
  • Candidate List alert
  • Authorisation process alert
  • Restriction process alert

You can also save and reuse your searches without having to fill out the form again. At there is a short tutorial that is very helpful and will guide you through these new features.

With your ECHA account you can also download the IUCLID software, the Chesar tool, become part of a future poison centres community and subscribe to the corresponding news for all these applications.

Any ECHA account you have already created to access an ECHA IT tool (i.e. REACH-IT, R4BP 3, ePIC) can be used to log into ECHA’s main webpage. If you have not yet created an ECHA account you must log in first. The latest version of the "ECHA Account Manual (November 2018)" will guide you step by step and help you to set up. The pdf is available at under the heading „Signing up“.