ECHA’s news: Mastering challenging chemical risk assessments using Chesar

Date: 15 February 2018
Dr Thomas Roth, Head of Chemicals / REACH, Consumer Products, Cosmetics, Feed & Food Additives


Another warning notice to stakeholders issued by European Commission on 23 January 2018

Date: 25 January 2018
In this renewed warning, the EU Commission stated:

“Concerning submissions of new applications, business operators should take into account the expected timelines of different regulatory procedures in which the United Kingdom would be acting as, for example, rapporteur Member State, zonal rapporteur Member State or evaluating Member State for MRLs. Taking account of the aforementioned uncertainties as well as the regulatory framework, business operators should consider taking the relevant actions. For example, where there is a risk that those procedures are not concluded by the date when the United Kingdom will leave the Union, applicants may choose by preference another Member State to carry out the evaluation or assessment.

Concerning those on-going procedures for which the United Kingdom is currently carrying out an assessment or evaluation, business operators should carefully monitor their progress. Where there are clear indications that the procedure will not be concluded by the withdrawal date, taking account of the uncertainties as well as the regulatory framework, business operators should consider taking the necessary actions. For example, a change of rapporteur or evaluating Member State may be required.“ 


In addition to that warning message, EU Commission published a question and answer document on the Brexit. In this paper, important questions on, for example UK company locations and UK manufacturing sites are addressed.

Click here to find the full text of the European Commission notice and here for the related document.

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New head of Biocides business unit starting in January 2018


Martina Galler has a PhD in biology and more than 15 years of experience in biocides regulatory affairs. She currently heads up the preservatives group within SCC’s Biocides business unit and will take up her new role at the beginning of 2018. Martina’s field of expertise comprises all BPR activities relating to biocidal active substances and products as well as the environmental risk assessment of biocides in nearly all product types.