Newsletter 2017


NL pic vol17 no1Vol. 17, No. 1 - SCC Newsletter April 2017 / Regulatory issues: C&C Europe, REACH deadline 2018, Biocides workshop

Date: 18 April 2017


This edition of the Newsletter refers to the recent European developments in politics (“Brexit”) and includes a report on the conference “Crops and Chemicals Europe 2017”. You may also refer directly to a comprehensive overview on low risk substances and the latest developments in efficacy assessment in agriculture presented during this event. Concerning the last REACH deadline 2018, the last call to pre-register your low volume chemicals ends on 31 May 2017. Regarding Biocides, do not miss the chance to take part in a free workshop on the preparation of dossiers according to BPR, offered by SCC in May. The SCC Newsletter contains more important news about agrochemicals/biostimulants and regulatory science. Furthermore, you can check out our calendar to find out where you can meet with SCC experts.

Finally, we appreciate your feedback and comments regarding the SCC Newsletter. Drop us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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